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Expert in handling insurance claims for international relocations, removals, cargo, self-storage.

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Our Services

International Inspection and Loss Adjusting Service, to include but not be limited to, Claims Management Services; Claims Partner Services, Repair Estimate and

Concierge Repair Management Services

Local Inspector

Our extensive global network of inspectors enables us to provide comprehensive, localised service anywhere in the world, ensuring timely and expert evaluations for our clients' diverse needs.


Our FastTrack Service offers a rapid and streamlined process for handling claims, ensuring customers experience minimal disruption and receive swift, efficient resolutions and settlement of their claim.

Repair & Restore

Having a large network of highly skilled craftspeople, who not only excel in their trade but also take immense pride in their work, is invaluable. It ensures that every repair and restoration is performed with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. This dedication not only results in superior quality workmanship but also fosters trust and reliability in our services, guaranteeing that clients receive the best possible care for their cherished items.


Our Bespoke Claims Management and Repair Concierge Services are designed with an unparalleled level of care and dedication, ensuring that both our clients and their customers receive personalised attention throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each case, providing not just solutions, but also support and guidance every step of the way. Our team of experts is committed to delivering excellence, demonstrating empathy and expertise in handling even the most complex claims with precision and compassion. This dedication underscores our commitment to not only restore possessions but also to rebuild trust and satisfaction, reinforcing our role as a trusted partner in the claims management landscape.

Global Network

We are dedicated to building and continuously improving our extensive world wide network of experienced and trusted agents  Simply use our 'Find an Agent' feature to review if we have an agent in your required locate. 


From Alaska to Timbuktu, or Chile to Guam or North Korea we have it covered Insuring a seamless and personalised service experience tailored to you or your clients unique requirements. 

Our Worldwide Network of Agents

Fast, Expert, Competitive Service

Our response times are unmatched, ensuring that every claim is handled swiftly by our team of experts, providing you with competitive solutions that meet your needs.

Cost-effective, Innovative Solutions

We leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to offer cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on quality, making sure your claims are managed effectively.

Specialisation in Removal, Storage, and Relocation Claims

Our focused expertise in the niche areas of removal, storage, and relocation claims means we understand the intricacies of these types of claims better than anyone else.

Global Reach, 24/7 Availability

Our operations span the globe, allowing us to accept and manage claims from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night, ensuring round-the-clock support.

International Network of Skilled Adjusters

We boast an extensive network of experienced and highly skilled adjusters worldwide, ensuring local expertise and global reach in claim management.

Secure Online Network for Real-time Updates

Our secure online platform provides you with continuous access to the status of any claim, offering transparency and peace of mind through real-time updates.

Why Baker & Co?

Choosing Baker & Co offers a multitude of advantages for managing your insurance claims with unparalleled efficiency and expertise.


Here’s why we stand out:

At Baker & Co, we redefine excellence in the insurance claims process with our full spectrum of services tailored to meet the needs of insurers and policyholders worldwide. Our suite of solutions encompasses International Inspection and Loss Adjusting, Claims Management Services, Claims Partner Services, along with specialised Repair Estimate and Concierge Repair Management Services. 

What sets us apart?

Leveraging our customer-driven Self-Service FastTrack surveys for damage evaluations emphasises our commitment to sustainability by notably reducing CO2 emissions from travel needed for traditional on-site inspections. 


Our green strategy not only accelerates the claims process and adheres to GDPR standards, but ensuring the secure management and sharing of survey results with our repair network, optimising the repair estimate process.


By cutting down on travel, we adopt a method that is not only more sustainable and efficient but also enhances the security of the claims handling process. Our approach reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and priorities the convenience and safety of our customers.

Sustainability Initiatives

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