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Global Claims Solutions: Comprehensive Inspection, Loss Adjusting, and associated Restoration Management Services etc.

With Baker & Co, you can have complete confidence that your customers' broken or damaged goods will be restored by proven experts and craftsmen, whose skills and dedication to quality ensure that every repair meets the highest standards of workmanship.

Relocation Claims

We offer a wealth of loss adjusting experience in the removal insurance claims market, as experts in assessing and managing transit damages. We provide quick, accurate damage assessments, leading to faster claim resolutions and increased customer satisfaction.


At Baker & Co, our processes redefine the claims management cycle by developing and implementing cutting edge AI claims assessment technology insures precise claims evaluations, significantly improving fair settlements options for both the claimant and insurer.


Our service expertise and technology advances significantly improve insurers' reputations for efficient, reliable service in this specialised field.

Self-Storage Claims

Leveraging our expert loss adjusting services, alongside  our AI-assisted claims assessment, can transform the self-storage insurance claims process. This combination ensures precise, efficient evaluations and faster claim resolutions.


Our AI claim evaluation assisted technology accelerates data analysis and task automation, complementing the adjusters' industry expertise.  The result is a swift, accurate claims handling experience that boosts policyholder satisfaction and reduces operational costs for insurers, marking a strategic advancement in self-storage claims management.

Marine Cargo Claims

Our processes redefine the approach to cargo claims, ensuring an optimised and seamless experience for both insurers and claimants. Recognising the intricacies and hurdles inherent in the cargo claims process, we offer a sophisticated solution designed to streamline claim handling, enhance accuracy in loss assessment, and accelerate settlement times.


Our aim is to fortify the bridge between insurers and claimants, ensuring a transparent, fair, and expedited claims process. By focusing on minimising downtime and financial impact, we empower our clients to navigate cargo claims with confidence and efficiency, setting a new standard in loss adjusting services.

Antique Repairs & Restorations

Antique repairs and restoration is a meticulous and skilled practice dedicated to the preservation and rejuvenation of historical and valuable items. Our network experts cover a wide range of techniques and materials, tailored to the unique needs of each piece, whether it be furniture, artwork, ceramics, or textiles. The goal of restoration is not just to repair damage, but to maintain the item's original integrity and aesthetic appeal, often requiring a deep understanding of the item's history, materials, and construction methods. Our network of experts in this field combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to stabilise, conserve, and revive antiques, ensuring they retain their historical significance and continue to be appreciated by future generations. This delicate balance between restoration and preservation is critical, as it seeks to extend the life of the antique without altering its original character or historical value.

Choose Baker Repair Services for reliable, expert repair solutions that keep you and your customers informed and satisfied at every turn.

Baker Repair Services

Our premium auto inspection service offers meticulous evaluations using state-of-the-art diagnostics by certified experts. We provide detailed reports and personalised consultations, ensuring the highest standards of safety and performance for luxury vehicles.

Auto Inspections

Opting for furniture repair over replacement offers environmental benefits, cost savings, and the opportunity to preserve the sentimental value of cherished pieces, blending sustainability with personal significance.

Furniture Restoration

Prompt and efficient property repair following an adverse event is crucial to minimise disruption, reduce long-term costs, and swiftly restore normality and safety to affected areas.

Property Repairs

Emergency Repairs

Our rapid response team is on standby 24/7, ready to provide comprehensive emergency repair services throughout the year. Whether it's urgent damage control or immediate repair needs, we're equipped to handle any situation with speed and efficiency.

Guaranteed Quality

Rest assured, all repair work undertaken by our team is fully guaranteed. We stand behind the quality of our work, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction for both you and your customers.

Clear Accountability

At Baker Repair Services, we prioritise transparent and accountable service. From start to finish, we assign a dedicated point of contact to manage your job, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

Progress Tracking

Leveraging our networked supply chain, we offer real-time progress tracking through our secure online system. This allows you to monitor the status of repairs at any convenience, ensuring transparency and ease of access.

Expertise Across the Board

Our team comprises specialists skilled in repairing a wide range of items - from antiques and fine furniture to office equipment, electrical appliances, and household goods. We also have expertise in structural repairs, including flooring, external walls, driveways, and asbestos remediation.

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