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Baker and Company International Standard Billing Policies

This document outlines Baker and Company's international billing policies for professional and administrative services across all our global operations. These policies update and replace any previous versions, focusing on billing practices while not covering service scopes, which are detailed in engagement letters or service agreements.

I. Client-Specific Fee Arrangements

Fees and billing procedures for our services are tailored to each client's needs and the specific activities involved in their claims. These arrangements, which may include scale rates, flat rates, or fixed fees for certain tasks, are negotiated and documented in advance. Client-specific fee agreements, detailed in written contracts or service level agreements, take precedence over the general billing policies outlined below.


II. Standard Billing Without Pre-Established Fee Arrangements

Absent specific fee arrangements, Baker and Company bills professional services at our hourly rate for the time spent on assignments, including travel and waiting times connected to those services. 


Billing is detailed in six-minute increments, rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour. Our fees reflect the assignment's complexity, the expertise required, and any innovative solutions or urgent responsibilities the task entails. Administrative tasks are billed similarly, based on the actual time spent.

III. Billing Policies

Multiple Files: Time spent traveling for multiple files is prorated accordingly, with mileage charges distributed across the files involved. Standard charges for administrative tasks are also prorated among related files.


Client Notification: Clients are acknowledged upon assignment receipt, which includes a reference to our standard billing policies. This ensures clarity and mutual understanding of billing practices.

Rate Changes: Our fees and disbursements are subject to regular reviews and may change. Any rate adjustments will apply from the change date onwards.


Estimates: We provide clients with fee and expense estimates for assignments, keeping them informed of any significant changes to these estimates.


Tax: Local taxes apply as relevant, with all fees quoted excluding Goods or Services Taxes.


IV. Expenses

Charged at cost, expenses may vary regionally but typically include travel costs, photocopying, telephone charges, and other miscellaneous items, all billed without markup.


Interim Billing Policy

Interim bills are issued based on agreed cycles or when certain work-in-progress thresholds are met, ensuring transparent and continuous communication with our clients regarding billing status.


Time and Expense Claims: Interim billing occurs if a claim exceeds 45 days with more than £300 of work in progress, with subsequent billings at 30-day intervals.


Flat Rate Claims: Initially billed 45 days from the date of loss or upon closure, with adjustments for time and expense handling as needed.


Payment Terms

Payments are due upon receipt in local currency, with interest applied to late payments as allowed by law. Clients are responsible for any collection or legal fees on overdue accounts.


This comprehensive policy ensures transparency and consistency in Baker and Company's billing practices, aligning with our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients worldwide

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